Doing Life My Way


on September 6, 2012

One of my favorite songs to dance to right now is Fire Burnin’ by Sean Kingston! I just feel like a rockstar on the dance floor when it comes on, I’ve got my salsa lets going, pop n lock n droppin it like it’s HAWT! And yes I do this OFTEN when I think no one is watching, like nobody’s business.  It’s just so addicting and I can’t seem to control myself sometimes! So this is just fitting and I seriously laugh out loud every time I see it! HILARIOUS!!!! Couldn’t be more perfect! I do love me some Fire Burnin’ and I totally dance like NO ONE is watching and guess what? I don’t care if they are! They can either join in or be jealous, it’s that awesome! 🙂

It’s just one of those feel good songs that makes you wanna get up and shake your booty! And with our Moves Like Jagger that we got goin’ on with this one we just let ourselves go and have a good ole time shakin’ what our Mama’s gave us. SOMEBODY CALL 911! (OR NOT!) 😛



One response to “SOMEBODY CALL 911…….

  1. Elaine Richards says:

    I am loving your blog!! Keep up the writing, you’re amazing!

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