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One of my favorite songs to dance to right now is Fire Burnin’ by Sean Kingston! I just feel like a rockstar on the dance floor when it comes on, I’ve got my salsa lets going, pop n lock n droppin it like it’s HAWT! And yes I do this OFTEN when I think no one is watching, like nobody’s business. ¬†It’s just so addicting and I can’t seem to control myself sometimes! So this is just fitting and I seriously laugh out loud every time I see it! HILARIOUS!!!! Couldn’t be more perfect! I do love me some Fire Burnin’ and I totally dance like NO ONE is watching and guess what? I don’t care if they are! They can either join in or be jealous, it’s that awesome! ūüôā

It’s just one of those feel good songs that makes you wanna get up and shake your booty! And with our Moves Like Jagger that we got goin’ on with this one we just let ourselves go and have a good ole time shakin’ what our Mama’s gave us. SOMEBODY CALL 911! (OR NOT!) ūüėõ


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Find What Works For You!

Today’s blog entry is brought to you by the one and only Jess Dudley. ¬†She is a fitness guru/personal trainer over at C3 Fitness & she also happens to be a ¬†fellow blogger. ( She is actually the one who inpsired me to start this one.¬†I asked her if she’d mind writing some guest posts for me & today she has obliged. She has some sound advice to anyone who doesn’t know where to start or even what they might be looking for as far as fitness goes. Routine is key and you must find what works for you, something that gets you motivated. ¬†She has a lot of good advice, ¬†a positive outlook on life in general, and shares in my new found love for a healthy lifestyle. ¬†Here goes!

What works?

On the fitness journey when you start to make progress, or move forward in endurance or maybe you just keep making it happen.  Something is WORKING!

So?  What works for you?  Is it early morning to make sure it happens? Is it after work on your way home?  Is it quiet and alone, or in a crowded class? I think knowing yourself, and knowing what works for you is always the first thing you need to know.

Take for example, me.  I am a morning person.  I am not going to workout after work, it’s never gonna happen I have a trail of failures from that bright idea! , and those of you who come alive after work are not going to get up at 5am to get your workout in.  I like endurance sport, so a dance class is not going to motivate me.  I like to have a goal or an event to work towards, so just coming and going is not going to sustain my interest and will power.

Knowing what works for YOU is critical and once you have that settled, DO NOT apologize just use that information to your advantage. Once you know what works, you can always go back to what works

With that said, get up, get moving, get busy, and find what works for you! Fitness is for everyone. Thanks Jess!

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C3 Fitness Free 7 Day Pass!!!

Hey you! Yes, you!! ¬†Have you ever wanted to join a gym? Does it scare you just thinking about it? I’ve said or heard all the excuses before. Gyms are just so big, everyone is showy, I’m worried I won’t fit in, I’ll feel lost, I just don’t have time. Do you keep dragging your feet for one reason or another? I’ve got something that can change all of that. Something you can be excited about and change the way you think about fitness. Get up off the couch, head to your computer, and follow the link at the bottom of the page to get your FREE 7 Day Pass to C3 Fitness today!

I’ve been a member at C3 Fitness since February of this year and absolutely love it! I’ve had nothing but a positive experience and so many people I know have joined since I have. It’s just an overall excellent place to work out. They’ve also been voted Best of Gwinnett for the past 2 years for the best place to workout. ¬†It’s one the best decisions I’ve ever made. ¬†The people are friendly, they genuinely are happy to see you when you walk in the door, they are willing to help you in any way they can, they know the members by name, they never hesitate to talk. It is seriously like CHEERS! I am welcomed with a smile each and every time I walk in the door. Everyone is so encouraging and the members are just as great as well. It’s been easy to meet people and form friendships with doing classes. It’s like my second home. I’ve met some pretty cool people in the time I’ve been there.¬†It’s not a huge facility but it doesn’t need to be. The personalities and coziness & encouraging/inspiring atmosphere more than make up for the size. ¬†The atmosphere is fun, it’s inviting, and there is something for everyone. ¬†Stretch your way through Pilates, sweat your way through Total Body, dance your way through Zumba, give your legs the workout they need with Spin. They offer such a variety of classes and times that you are bound to find something that works for you. There are personal training opportunities as well. I’ve never been to a gym quite like it before.

You can visit their website at Everything you need to know is posted on their site. If you have any questions please give them a call and they’d be happy to help you with anything you need. You can drop in at any time for any class for only $5. ¬†The best way to check things out for yourself is to sign up for a free 7 day pass. ¬†Here’s the link to get you started,¬† You may use it for whatever you’d like. This way you can try a little of everything, find your niche, find something that fits your fancy. ¬†Print yours and bep in the gym workin’ on your fitness today! Come and join us to see what you’ve been missing. I promise you won’t regret it! Check it out!!!

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And so it continues…..

The following days after that first Zumba class with Jana I started realizing that I had such an urge to go back. I wanted to Zumba again something fierce! I realized I had a lot more fun than I thought. I couldn’t get the music out of my head. My feet and body just wanted to dance all the time. I went again the following Thursday and again the following Thursday after that. I think it was after the 3rd trip to C3 I decided Zumba once a week was not going to cut it for me. Thursday nights were not coming fast enough. I was longing to dance! ¬†Zumba was calling my name and I could not ignore it.

After the 3rd Thursday I decided to try the Tuesday night class with a different instructor. I don’t know why I didn’t realize it sooner that there were other classes. I figured I’d gotten a good taste of Jana and her class. I decided it was time to switch it up a little. I started over at square one. This was a different instructor so I was a little nervous again, a little apprehensive. I’d gotten used to Jana’s moves and was comfortable with her routines. New instructor meant new songs, new moves, new routines. Here we go again! I had to tell myself, “You can do this.”

Andrea was the instructor du jour that evening. I, again, didn’t know what to expect. I figured their styles might be different and boy was I right. Class started, we started moving, kept moving, and moving, and moving. Faster, faster, faster, bigger, bigger, bigger. Holy cow this lady scared the bejesus out of me! She was FAST as lightning and a total blast of energy. I could only think of Energizer Bunny as a reference to her. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to keep up this time or make it out alive! I tried my best, I’m sure I ran into several folks in the process, and just worked my way through it. I was a sweaty, hot mess and she KICKED MY BUTT! ¬†Um, what was that? I don’t think I’d ever moved that fast in my life!?! I’m not 100% sure but I think she might have been trying to kill me! I left that night feeling exhausted and blown away. I wasn’t sure this was the class for me, but hey, at least I gave it a shot.

I was still enjoying Zumba and still wanted to dance all the time. After about a month of paying $5 a class, $10 week, I became a C3 Fitness member. I was excited that I found something I liked, wanted to do, and actually looked forward to doing that involved exercise. I had never found anything I could say that about. Plus, the gym is 5 minutes away. Zumba had awoken a sleeping giant inside of me that I had no idea existed & ¬†in the form of dancing no less. Who’da ¬†thunk? ¬†I was quickly becoming a Zumbaholic. The gym was becoming my 2nd home. I seemed to be getting to the point of no return, starting to feel like I ate, slept, & breathed it. Yeah, I was THAT EXCITED ABOUT IT!

Zumba was quickly becoming an obsession but at least it was a healthy one. I wasn’t hurting myself or anyone else. Along with a new healthy diet and crazy awesome exercise the weight started coming off. 20 days after starting class & eating healthier and drinking water like it was going out of style, I’d already lost 10 pounds! I was sweating, moving, having fun, gaining a little confidence & all because of a little thing called ZUMBA!

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My first Zumba class EVER!

One of my neighbors saw on Facebook that I’d started workin’ on my fitness. I didn’t belong to a gym any longer so I was just forcing myself to do in home walking dvd’s and Zumba DVD’s. Yes, forcing myself, not really looking forward to it. I’m¬†LAZY, remember? ¬†It had been about 2 weeks since I’d started. Out of the blue I got a text from her asking if I wanted to go to a ¬†Zumba class that night at her gym, C3 Fitness. Now, I’d been doing the Zumba DVD’s at home for those 2 weeks and had done them before a few times before that ¬†BUT I’d never even thought to try and find a class. The thought had never once occured to me at all, Zumba class? Shaking your butt and wiggling your hips in front of other people is a whole other ball game than alone at home in your own living room where only the dust bunnies can see you. I did like it well enough to consider it though. I was excited and nervous at the same time & gladly accepted. I wanted to see what it was all about. If I didn’t like it I didn’t have to go again. What’s it gonna hurt? I was for sure worried about doing it for an hour though. The DVD I’d done was only 20 minutes, the 20 minute workout Express. How in the world was I going to make it in a class that was an hour? I thought I might die but maybe it would be fun and I’d enjoy it. At least I’d die trying and having fun (I hoped).

Class was at 7:30. I showed up in my work out clothes and felt kinda of funny. I was overweight and felt a little out of ¬†place. Workout clothes are kind of tight and can be pretty unflattering if ya hadn’t noticed. I felt like and am sure I looked like a blimp in the Macy’s Day Parade. I did not look cute. I had no self confidence or positive self image at all at this point. I had NO idea what to expect. What was I doing here? Was it too late to leave? I don’t have to do this. Well, I’d made it this far so why turn back now. What did I have to lose except 50 pounds? I wasn’t completely scared since I’d been doing the DVD’S at home. At least I knew what the heck Zumba was. I had that much going for me, that I’d be somewhat familiar with a few of the moves. I was more worried that everyone would be watching me and thinking I had no clue what I was doing, that I’d trip, or run into everyone, which might very well happen. Despite the fact it was my first class I ended up IN THE FRONT ROW, IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR! This was NOT me, what was I thinking? I’m not a good dancer, I have zero coordination, I was not a pretty site on the dance floor. I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m going to fall flat on my face and everyone is going to laugh!

When the instructor, Jana, walked in, I got even more nervous. She was this little petite, blonde hair, blue eyed beauty. She looked great in her little Zumba get up. I looked nothing like her. For sure she was gonna be so good (turns out she was) and I’d look even more like an idiot than I already thought I would. But hey, I was here so I might as well make the best of it. The room was packed full of people ¬†and the room was pretty small AND I WAS IN THE FRONT ROW! ¬†I’m sure at this point I was sweating profusely and my heart had to be about to jump out of my chest. Could I really do this?

The music came on & everyone started moving, following along with the instructor. Some of the moves were similar to what I’d seen and some were completely new and different. I had to really watch her and concentrate on what I was doing and try to move in the right direction. I’d never been that great of a dancer and sucked at coordination. That’s why I had never stuck with Step Aerobics. I would get way confused every time. As we danced I looked around and realized no one was watching me & no one was laughing. Everyone was dancing, feeling the music, and seemed to be having a good time, and not paying the least bit attention to me. That hour went by faster than I thought it ever would. It was over?

I’m not gonna lie. I was so tired, so hot, so out of breath, and knew I’d be sore. I did honestly feel at one point I could have passed out but I WAS NOT DEAD! I HAD MADE IT! I HAD FUN! ¬†Guess what? ¬†It wasn’t quite as hard or as bad as I’d imagined ¬†it would be. I was still uncoordinated, still wasn’t sure of myself, still felt a little out of place. The Zumba DVD I’d done a few times was probably my saving grace for not screwing up too bad and making a complete idiot out of myself. An hour was still a long time but I really didn’t think about it much. I may have looked at the clock one time the whole class.

I left that night feeling pretty good and pretty darn proud of myself for stepping out of my box, out of my comfort zone and trying something new and different. It truly surprised me that I enjoyed it like I did. I thought it might be something I’d do again. Why not? ¬†I decided I’d come back again the next Thursday, give it another go. I think I might just be able to do this. I DID NOT DIE! WHAT, WHAT! ¬†GO ME!

Little did I know, the best was yet to come!

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2012…The beginning

This is me. This is my life. My story of motivation, inspiration, and my personal weightloss journey. My quest to originally help myself ¬†but have also been touched & genuinely surprised to realize I’ve been making an impact on the lives of others as well. It was not my intent, this was supposed to be all about me, myself, and I. I was doing it for ME! I’ve been blessed with the chance to open my eyes and realize that life is sweeter and the journey more worthwhile when shared with others like yourself who are on the same path as you, who have walked in your shoes, who understand, who get it, who care. This applies to anything in life, not just losing weight or exercising. A whole new world has been laid out in front of me and I have been taking full advantage of what has come my way.

I’ll start out by saying that since January of this year I feel like I have become a different person, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. ¬†It’s been gradual and I’ve been fortunate enough to have had amazing help and some pretty awesome cheerleaders to help along the way (you know who you are). ¬†I know I was and am still me but have changed and am continually striving to be a better me. It’s a process and I have a long way to go, like the rest of my life kind of long way to go. I am not and will not ever be perfect. That is not and will not ever be my goal and even if it was it it unobtainable. Perfect would be boring. All I can do is live life as it comes, continue to be myself, and keep on trying to better my life in all areas.

In January of this year I was a bigger girl,¬†ok well,¬†¬†just plain fat, no nice way of saying it. I was pretty overweight for someone of my stature. I had gotten up to about 170 pounds, maybe a little more. I am a whopping 5 foot tall, that much extra weight just doesn’t carry well on a small frame like mine. I knew I was overweight but was lazy, undetermined, in denial, just didn’t care about myself as I should. I kept telling myself for years I wasn’t as big as I really was. I think I just didn’t see it, figured I wouldn’t be able to lose it, didn’t want to try b/c it would be too hard, and just didn’t feel like it. I felt it and knew I wasn’t where I should be but continued my ride on the I Don’t Care Express . I would constantly make countless excuse after excuse. I had no mindset to change and wonder where I’d be today if I hadn’t found my outlet, what works for me, what makes me happy, motivates me. ¬†How much bigger might I have gotten by now? My much needed and very welcomed kick in the butt motivation came in January when my friend and neighbor invited us to the beach for vacaction this summer. ¬†I was bound & determined that I was not going to look like a beached whale on the beach, just wasn’t going to happen. ¬†I wasn’t looking forward to exercising, I wasn’t looking forward to dieting, and I wasn’t looking forward to the impending disappointment of the weight not going anywhere. ¬†Even still, I knew in the back of my mind that I HAD to change, COULD NOT live like that anymore, and so my journey began!

This is me almost exactly a year ago today, the OLD me. Not pretty, not happy, not healthy, not the same. Wow, was this REALLY me? Image

Thursday January 26, 2012 was the day that changed it all and I was introduced to something I really and truly love and enjoy, can’t seem to get enough of and I think is one of the best things that has ever been put into my life for many reasons. ¬†If you know me you know this to be true! The rest has just naturally fallen into place. I made a choice, made up my mind, decided I wanted to really live, and I haven’t looked back since. Motivation is definitely the key but the choice must ultimately be up to yourself. I think everyone just needs their own personal kind of motivation. ¬†It could be anything from an upcoming wedding, a planned trip, ¬†wanting to become pregnant, an illness or health issue that exercise could help with, a job, etc. Once I got motivated it became all about positive self ¬†image and attitude, ¬†self confidence, self worth, and pure, hardcore determination. ¬†I was ready to show myself and the world just what I was made of. I surprisingly found out quickly that I could do it and was doing it and there’s no stopping me now! This was just the beginning!

“Losing weight is a mind game. Change your mind, change your body.”